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Tree Removal

Tree removal

Trees are a beautiful and natural part of our neighbourhoods and individual properties; however there can be circumstances where the removal of trees from the natural landscape is necessary. Dead, diseased and dying trees pose a major risk factor to people and property. Trees are unpredictable and defects can go unnoticed when you do not have the knowledge and skill to assess them. Harbour Arbor Tree Care is here to help. Do not put your family and assets at risk, call today for a professional assessment.


Removal of a tree is a job that requires a qualified arborist. Our professionals bring with them a wealth of knowledge and skill ensuring that the tree can be removed safely and without damage to your surrounding property. At Harbour Arbor Tree care we possess extensive industry experience and professional equipment including state of the art lowering devices, to ensure the safe and effective removal of your tree. Laws, rules and regulations govern the removal of trees and we adhere to these in every task we undertake.


In addition to defective trees, removal is also required when trees interfere with potential development. Harbour Arbor Tree Care can tackle small and large scale site clearing in a range of undulating terrain.


Harbour Arbor Tree Care is fully insured.


With Harbour Arbor Tree care no job is too big or too small. Call us today on 0415 942 492 for free quote.

We Service Shellharbour, Wollongong, Kiama


Trees are any asset to any property. They provide summer shade and winter sun (in some species), are natural air conditioners and can enhance the overall appearance of your home. General upkeep and maintenance of the trees on your property has many benefits including ensuring the health and structure of the canopy and reducing the liabilities and hazards that have the potential to develop.


Harbour Arbor Tree Care has qualified arborists who can offer their knowledge and experience in a range of different crown pruning practises. These include, but are not limited to, removal of hazardous deadwood, weight reduction on protruding limbs and crown lifting. We are able to access the tallest of trees and are high climb specialists.


Palm trees are aesthetically pleasing and suit our coastal lifestyle; however they require annual upkeep and maintenance to keep them looking their best. As well as being unsightly, seed pods attract unwanted guests such as bats. Removal or eradication of seed pods, loose dead fronds and sheaths is one of the many services that Harbour Arbor Tree care specialises in providing.


All tree and palm maintenance is carried out in accordance with industry and local government standards.


With Harbour Arbor Tree care no job is too big or too small. Call us today on 0415 942 492 for free quote.

Stump grinding

Stumps can pose a hazard, look unsightly in any landscape and accommodate unwanted pests such termites. Harbour Arbor Tree Care provides a safe and professional stump grinding service that ensures that the stump will not regrow and landscaping or excavation can be carried out without interference.


Harbour Arbor Tree Care has state of the art machinery to tackle any stump in any tight access or hard to reach area. Our range of machinery has the ability to fit through a standard doorway or gate with a maximum width of 740mm wide. Depending on your individual needs we can access stairways and retaining walls with our ramping system.


With our stump grinding service no chemicals are used and the organic matter of the stump is replenished back into the earth providing nutrients for neighbouring plants. We have the ability to eliminate all surface roots protruding from the ground. After completion of works we ensure the site is left clean and tidy with no remnants of the previously existing stump.


With Harbour Arbor Tree care no job is too big or too small. Call us today on 0415 942 492 for free quote.

Additional services

additional services

Harbour Arbor Tree Care offers a range of additional services including:



With Harbour Arbor Tree care no job is too big or too small. Call us today on 0415 942 492 for free quote.

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